Thursday, March 02, 2006

UW Memorial Status- Limbo

There are still no minutes posted for the Senate Session on the 21st, nor the Steering Committee on the 20th.

Also a new disclaimer is on the minutes site, advising one and all that "ALL MINUTES ARE PARAPHRASED UNLESS QUOTATION MARKS (" ") ARE INCLUDED!

Can't say they don't learn. I am sure the minutes are undergoing a severe vetting process this time. I can't say I blame them, but honestly, once again I remind them that all they have to do is post the session in a Podcast and then no one would worry about accurate quotes.

The Resolution for an apology from Jill Edwards as well as the Resolution in Support of the Right of Military Recruiters to be Present on Campus have both been tabled indefinitely, which means they are effectively dead.

We all waited anxiously because of the Seattle Times Article suggesting a vote on the memorial for all MOH awardees was possibly going to happen.

It did not, the matter has not even been heard in committee. A rumor suggests the resolution is being suppressed until the media blitz wears down, but others dispute that, and insist that it is just having to wait its turn in committee.

Finally I read that the Senate Sessions are open to the public Tuesdays at 5pm in HUB 310, so I encourage any interested parties to attend and see for themselves, rather then rely on paraphrased minutes. I am considering it myself.

I doubt there is a means for public commentary, but that question should be addressed to the Senate Chair.

I also strongly encourage anyone who decides to attend to do so as passive observers, and be respectful and not disruptive. I would extend that to any mail or communication to any parties. There is enough bad feeling going around. Let's try communication instead.