Friday, February 24, 2006

UW Senate Steering Committee discuss and edit Jill and Ashley's remarks

The Boyington Memorial flap was largely based on the minutes of the Senate session dates 2-7-2006. Those meetings were displayed on the UW Senate site at:

At some point however the file for the meeting in question was renamed to 02-07-2006-draft, and an apparently approved copy was added.

The changes were fairly subtle, but I always wondered why there was a draft copy at all, since that was the only draft edition of a set of minutes, dating back to 2002.

So I looked around and found the answer. There is a second minutes site, the minutes for the Senate Steering Committee, and they are kept here:

In the 2-13-2006 Steering Committee there was much discussion about those minutes, particularly the comments made by Ashley Miller (rich white men) and Jill Miller (UW does not want to produce Marines).

Here is an excerpt from those minutes that concerns those comments.

Question to the reader: Was the committee concerned with saving face or clarifying the comments?

IX. Approval of the Minutes

Alex Kim noted that he requested a draftversion of the minutes be posted online before the Steering Committee considered them.

Shawn Fisher noted Steering Committee would meet this Friday at 3:30.

Erin Shields said she was concerned over the quote that Jill Edwards is quoted to say.

Alex Kim noted Jill Edwards contacted him asking him to add a quote regarding her respect for veterans.

Erin Shields said she was concerned with the phraseology of the quote.

Sam Al-Khoury said he thought the general thought was somewhat conveyed by the minutes.

He moved to remove the reference to the Marine Corps and instead say "a person who kills others."

Seconded. Objection.

Jerome McCuin said changing the minutes will give the appearance of trying to rewrite the meeting.

Alex Kim noted that Jill Edwards never said the minutes misrepresented her quote.

Travis Grandy asked if Sam Al-Khoury made the motion to protect Jill Edwards or because it was what he thought Jill Edwards said.

Sam Al-Khoury said he thought the quote reflected the spirit of what was said.

Jon Lee said he was concerned Senate was trying to fill in gaps in its memory, and that it was inappropriate to change them at this point in time.

Travis McCoy noted that the minutes are listed as a draft copy until approved by Steering.

Hala Dillsi amended the amendment stating "Jill Edwards questioned whether it was appropriate to honor a person who killed other people" And leaving the statement regarding the Marine Corps. Seconded. Objection.

Karl Smith noted that he specifically remembered her making a statement, not asking a question.

Sam Al-Khoury asked if the minutes could be conditionally approved.

Alex Kim said that would not be possible.

Rene Singleton said Jill Edwards had already given the committee her opinion and that Steering had several options available that it could exercise.

Cailin Magruder said she remembered the quote clearly and wasn't happy with the amendments currently on the table as they misrepresented what was said.

Hala Dillsi encouraged Steering committee to vote down the current amendment so that we could consider a second amendment.

The amendment to the amendment failed.

Hala Dillsi amended the amendment to add "Jill Edwards said she did not believe it was appropriate to pass a resolution to honor a person who killed other people" and keep the present statement about the Marine Corps.

Jon Lee said he objected because Senate is trying to fill in bits and pieces of what happened during Senate.

Alex Kim said there was no way to eliminate the gap between when the meeting takes place and the approval of the minutes.

Cailin Magruder said she didn't want to amend the statement given that it skews the quote from her personal recollection of the statement.

Jerome McCuin said he didn't want to amend the minutes because the information was already available.

Travis McCoy said that as secretary, he was responsible for ensuring the minutes were an accurate representation of what occurred in the meeting. He said with that responsibility in mind, that he approved of the current amendment as he felt it accurately clarified the statement in question.

Jon Lee noted that Steering Committee had gotten input from Jill Edwards and that she didn't request any further changes be made.

Erin Shields said she thought Jill Edward's quote misrepresented her as being entirely against the Marine Corps. She said the comment comes across incorrectly.

Travis Grandy moved to close debate on the amendment to the amendment.


Passed without objection.

The vote on the amendment to the amendment was tied.

Alex Kim voted yay. The amendment to the amendment passed.

Rene Singleton said the lesson should be learned to not publish information before it has been approved.

Travis Grandy move to close debate.

Seconded. Passed without objection.

The amendment tied. Alex Kim voted aye. The motion passed.

Travis Grandy moved to amend the minutes to clarify that Ashley Miller was not speaking specifically to the resolution when she made her comment. There was no second.

The motion was made to approve the minutes as amended.



Jerome McCuin said he thought ASUW was making a mistake by changing the minutes after they had been published.

Alex Kim noted that it used to be a standard practice to release draft minutes every week. He said the job of Steering is to ensure the validity of the minutes.

He said it is still the job of Steering to preserve the accuracy of the minutes.

The motion passed. The minutes were approved.

Rene Singleton said it would be possible to release both copies of the minutes.

Sam Al-Khoury asked if the changes could simply be noted on the draft issue.

Erin Shields said she wanted senators to be able to justify their comments and that perhaps minutes should be released in draft form as well.

X. Adjournment

Jon Lee moved to adjourn. Seconded. Passed without objection.

The meeting adjourned at 5:25PM.