Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sick....Kid's card to wounded soldier: DIE

This has me SO pissed. I posted links for people with txt readers.

Imagine you were wounded in Iraq, and sitting in a hospital. Imagine you recieved a nice card from a kid.

The front looks like this:


but the back looks like this:

Yes, it really says:
Dear, Soldier,
have a great time in the war
and have a great time dieing in the war
From migual Gallier

ps DIE.

aww, doesn't that make you feel all better?

No one knows if a kid really sent it, but the fact is that regardless it was a sick and bitter piece of crap to do.

The poor guy's name is

Joshua Sparlingc/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center6900 Georgia Avenue N.W.Washington, D.C. 20307-5001

A group of Brownies have already sent him some friendlier messages:







I think discussions on the war are legit, as are criticisms. But I draw the line at slamming some poor kid in a hospital with your hate filled spewing.

That was uncalled for and wrong.

Thanks to the brownie troop for taking up the slack.

Sorry...had to rant.