Monday, November 14, 2005

Prophecy or an educated guess?

I hate being right sometimes. Sometimes it's nice, I admit, to be the one with the right answer, but sometimes it's a pain in the rear.

This is one of those times.

Just under 2 months ago, I blogged about the ban on the pledge of allegiance because it has "Under God" in it. That was, you may recall, the result of a lawsuit by an atheist, Michael Newdow who had originally sued for his daughter, lost that suit due to not having any standing, and re-filed the lawsuit with 2 families as his plaintiffs, who the court determined had standing. So no more pledge in Sacramento.

In that Blog, I made this prediction:

"There will soon, I predict, be a call to remove God from our money..."

And I was right. In less then two months time there are now reports that a lawsuit is in the works, by guess who? Michael Newdow.

Having won a partial victory, partial because the ruling only affected a limited area, Newdow has his sights set on coins.

It is surely not prophecy, because it was so obvious what had to be next on his agenda. Sure, it's hardly a show stopper. I will keep my quarter collection, and in fact, money with the quote "In God We Trust" might even approach collector's item status. It won't change my day to day existence, or my feelings on faith if I miss my daily reminder on a Dime. Sure, it will cost our government millions to defend his suit, and billions to retool all the coin presses if he wins, but that's just money right?

By the way, here is a link to the history of the coins and In God We Trust.

Did you know In God We Trust was first minted on a 2 cent coin in 1864?

I guess it just irks me that something that harms no one is such a harsh burden for these people.

They don't have to subscribe to any faith to spend it, they can look at the obverse of the coin and not even see it. It is as harmless as a Gideon bible in a hotel room. Don't like it? Don't read it.

So I guess I will never fully understand if people like him really have an offense, or just hate God and religion so much that they would remove all traces of it from public view.

And it concerns me that someday, they will overstep, and make someone remove a cross or crucifix they might be wearing. Will they ban crosses on churches? Those signs out on front of churches that preach a brief 4 line sermon?

Will they seek to disband the US Military chaplains, since they are Ministers, Priests and Rabbis being paid a wage by their service?

Ok, yea, I am really over reaching, I admit. Most of those are securely protected and likely will never change.

But seeing the foolishness coming out of the courts and the legislatures, you never know.

That's just my 2 cents.