Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Out of the mouths of babes, part II

Kayla was very appreciative of all the wonderful compliments. Here is her second post, on gay rights.

Her third post, concerning the Military will be posted Friday, on Veterans day,.


Gay And Lesbian Rights
by Kayla Swenson

So, gay and lesbian rights. Many people believe that these people defy the natural order of things, but can you argue with love? True, part of me, the religious part, is sometimes hesitant about this topic, but many of my friends are Bi- or Gay/Lesbian, and my view has changed.

Like racism, many people cry out against giving these people rights, while more cry out for their rights. But tell me, how many on either side are speaking what they truly feel? Could those on the side against rights just be following their parents shadows? Or those people on the side for rights, could they just be cracking under peer pressure? I don't know, but I'm going to speak my mind.

Despite how many people cry out against them, they are still people in love. A man and a woman may love or be forced to love, but a man and man or woman and woman are forced not to love? To me, that is hippocritical.

Some people take gays and lesbians as a joke going "God you're so gay!" or "Are you a lezbo or something?!" Why is that taken as an insult? Is it because people are afraid?

Here's something interesting about the names. "Gay" originally meant happy, bright, joyful on the outside, while "Lesbian" sounds like "Thespian", an elite group of actors and actresses. So, one must wonder, where did these names come from?

If you see a man walking down the aisle of a supermarket, can you tell whether he is gay or not? Stereotypes depict a gay as "A male who dresses in extravagant and often flamboyent, ostentatious and bright colors often worn by females, sometimes drag queens, and often use Valley Girl lingo." But what if your own brother was gay? Can you tell just by looking at him? No, because to you he is another human being.

If you see a woman walking her dog in a park, can you take one look at her and know if she's lesbian or not? Stereotypes depict lesbians as "A female who dresses butchly with a man-like arrogance and stride, wearing rough street clothes and short cropped hair with a bad attitude." If your best friend was a tomboy, is she immediately a lesbian because she chooses to wear sweater and skater shoes instead of a mini skirt and 5-inch heels? No, because she's your friend, a human being with you.

Depsite what many people think, you cannot tell one in a crowd from a straight. So why is it we ban these fellow humans rights? If they are in love, let them get married. Modern science has made it so that two gays or two lesbians can have a child. If they are so in love that they wish to have a child and settle down, then let them. It's their choice and we are breaking the American tradition by not allowing them to choose the gender of their spouse or to withhold rights from them.

I cannot say I always agree with gays and lesbians, but I can say this. One of my good friends is lesbian, and just because she is doesn't mean I'm going to shun her. I know a guy who is gay, and I'm not going to stop coming into his store just because he hits one guys. They're human beings just like me, and I'm not going to deny them anything, even if their way of living is somewhat different then what I am used to.

If someone asked me whether I support of not, I tell them this "As long as they do not go throwing it in my face, I'm fine with it. They're probably nice people deep down."

My mother says that she won't shun them, but doesn't agree with the way they live. I cannot say the same, because becoming friends with Gays and Lesbians has changed my views greatly.

The world is changing, and humankind need to get used to the changes or we'll never get anywhere.