Friday, November 11, 2005

Out of the mouths of babes, final chapter

Kayla's last essay is on how she see the military. Seeing its veteran's day I figured the timing was good.

Soldiers: American Heroes or American Disgraces?

Your first thought. "Whaaat? What does that mean?" It means just what it says. Are our soldiers Heroes or Disgraces to America? According to some people, Heroes. According to others, Disgraces.

When you think of a soldier, do you think of someone coming home in livery, or staying away in a grave? Do you think of millions of evil entities swarming around you to take your home, or someone come to save you from the clutches of an evil tyrant?

For many US citizens, they forget that the soldiers chose to go to defend the home they love. They view all soldiers as a group of one, as a toy of the government used to attack innocent people in helpless countries for one little mistake and steal their money.

What those people forget, is that certainly the government may carry things to far in foreign countries, but our soldiers chose to join the military, knowing that they'd probably get shipped there. They did it for the love of their country, to protect their family and friends from a danger that may still exist. They protect those they love and the country they love.

True, some of the things a few of the soldiers did or do should be frowned upon, but do not mistake one for many. What one foolish soldier did does not make everyone a criminal. Many soldiers help more then hurt.

Maybe our soldiers should be back at home, maybe our soldiers should be kicking more bad-guy butt, but we cannot mistake the love of their country for them being dogs of the government. It is like looking at a crowd of people at a corner and saying they're all stoners. You don't know, because you only took one look.

So, Heroes or Disgraces? In my mind, they're Heroes. They defend the country they love, which is more then many people could say.