Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The election finger is in...

...and it is not the nice one.

I voted first thing this morning, and was impressed with the scrutiny and thoroughness of the polling board, who checked my ID, my signature and verified my address.


During the course of the day though, the information seems much more unpleasant. In a continuation of the complete lack of ethics and disregard of state law they seem to thrive on, the King County canvassing boards continue to not only allow people to vote illegally, they actually encourage it.

In the worst case I have heard reported this far, a poll judge was forced to quit his position because he refused to violate his oath. The Judge, Stefan Sharkansky, the esteemed owner of Soundpolitics.com, was not doing anything above the scope of his oath and state law mandated duties, was threatened simple because when voter identified himself as being ineligible to vote, he advised him that he was ineligible to vote.

Read the initial report here:

Read the oath he had taken here:

It's disheartening that so much time and effort was made to supposedly address election reform and in the end, it all didn't matter. The mostly democratic controlled election board insists that all votes, illegal or not be counted.

So be it.

For my part I just don't get why they would openly encourage cheating, when the reality is that it taints the process for everyone. Elections are one of the most sacred rights and responsibilities we have as a free society, but here it gets no more respect then a Wal-Mart in a small town.

For their part the crooks in King County have proven conclusively that they have absolutely no desire for honest and fair elections, they only care about maintaining status quo, and continuing to stonewall against the truth. And most of the crooks were reelected.

Sad. Disgusting and sad.

So my final evaluation? Thumbs up to my local polling staff, but King County gets an overall bird.

I even colored it purple with a sharpie.....

Stay tuned tomorrow for my daughter Kayla's thoughts on gay rights and gay marriage...