Friday, September 02, 2005

This weekend

Rant Ahead.....

I know its a holiday, and normally we would all think about parties, travel and food and drink.

I will be sitting at home, wondering how to reconcile what I expected to happen in New Orleans and what did, not just from dissatisfaction about how the city, state and federal government all responded (or didn't as is the case in all three areas), but how the people there turned so savage so quickly.

I am disappointed on so many could our so called civilized culture so quickly degrade. Looting I can expect, particularly for food, but shooting at rescue helicopters, burning down a mall then shooting at the firemen and rape and assaults....Its horrible. And enjoy that dvd and big screen tv thieves....A lot of good it will do you. Greed, pure and simple, and so stupid.

Pray for the survivors that they may find both rescue and refuge.

Pray for the looters and rapists so that they find their humanity, and hopefully justice.

Pray for our government that it finds its focus and does what it is required to do. Lets see some leadership in all quarters. Please!

Pray that the bullshit fingerpointing stops and people worry less about who to blame and more about what to do. Its too late to stop it, lets recover and have all the fingerwaving blame games another day.

Right now, while the pundits point fingers, people are fucking dying. These are real lives not talking points and campaign signs.

I hate politics, I fucking hate it.

And pray it never happens where you live.

Rant over.....sorry