Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I think I owe Ms Sheehan an apology.

I know I haven’t been very respectful of her protests, and I have fairly openly chided her for being a left wing tool, of letting the Bush haters use her protest for their own agendas. Don’t get me wrong, they did. But I think all along she was manipulating them as much as they her.

You see, while I was sure she was on an anti Bush agenda, I was wrong. She is totally on an anti war agenda, no doubt about it. And what’s more, no one is safe from her laser guided attacks.

Look at the focus of her latest attack. It isn’t the RNC, or the President. It’s none other then Hillary Rodham Clinton.

No I am serious. See below:


War protester Cindy Sheehan came to New York last night with a blunt warning for Senator Clinton: End your support for the war in Iraq or else.

Visiting New York City for the first time since leaving her campsite outside President Bush's vacation ranch in Crawford, Texas, Ms. Sheehan told a packed audience in a Brooklyn church that Mrs. Clinton "knows the war is a lie" but because of her political ambitions refuses to voice any opposition.

Mrs. Clinton is "waiting for the best political moment to say" she opposes the war, Ms. Sheehan said during a 15-minute speech. "You say it or you're losing your job," she said, provoking a roar of approval from the audience. Mrs. Clinton, believed to be a possible presidential contender in 2008, has said she supports the war in Iraq and has pushed for a greater troop presence in the country.

In an interview after her speech, Ms. Sheehan said she has requested a meeting with Mrs. Clinton but has not gotten a reply. Mrs. Clinton's office was not immediately available for comment last night.

Now, Sen Clinton is hardly my favorite, but there is no mistaking that she is the golden child of the DNC. She is by all accounts a strong contender for the 2008 presidential and one of the most powerful people in Washington DC.

Ms Sheehan in going after Sen. Clinton has seized the tiger by tail, in a big way. There are few democrats with more influence then the former first lady, and an attack on her could fracture many alliances.

Sen. Clinton has perfected a moderate stance that will make her presidential bid very hard to counter, and by taking this tone, Ms Sheehan has set Sen. Clinton on a very bumpy road.

For if she appeases her, and capitulates to the demand that she speak out against the war, then she will have to explain her public support of the war, and her calls to increase our presence there. If she maintains her public stance, she risks alienating a good number of liberal followers.

It will be interesting to watch as Ms Clinton decides how to handle this. Ms. Sheehan has made a familiar call for a meeting. Will Ms Clinton shut her gates or open them wide?

And will Cindy camp out in front of the Clinton’s home in New York?

And if so, will MoveOn.Org and Michael Moore support her against one of their strongest allies?

Rather then just attacking the administration in a choreographed partisan parade, Ms. Sheehan is apparently a loose cannon who attacks anyone she decides is necessary.

I will never agree with her or her tactics, but I have to give her grudging credit. She has guts.

This also begs the question: Have they created a monster?