Sunday, August 14, 2005

What's next in Crawford?

I don't want to do a daily diary about this, but the liberals at Horsesass and Daily Kos won't let it go.

To them, and the Michael Moore/Al Franken/ she is the standard bearer, the champion and martyr they have waited for.

It won't amount to anything in the long run for a couple reasons.

First while she represents a lot of heart wrenching drama and seems to stimulate the sympathy of many, she isn't really saying anything new. Her comments are starting to read like a playbook. Bush lied and blood for's the same only tripe people on the liberal anti war side have been parroting for a couple years. It isn't profound, it is just proof they seem to believe that "a lie told often enough becomes true" (Lenin).

The arguments are the same, the quotes are the same, she is yesterday's news in a sympathetic package.

And the liberals will milk her for all she is worth. They will flock to her, raise the media circus tent over her and spin and manage the story.

Daily Kos wants to start calling her Mother Sheehan ( , and to frame it to make the most impact.

That illustrates her true weakness, that without framing she cannot stand alone, because she has no substantive content.

She is also aligning with some scary people, such as David Duke who hails her on his website, and preaches about the "anti-American, pro-Israel Iraq War". Indeed she herself is now raising Israel as an issue, saying the war was a "PNAC Neo-Con agenda to benefits Israel" (

At this I am speechless. I mean it boggles the mind how they arrive at this, but it appears she is squarely aligned with David Duke which is really scary.

So what next? Rallies, trips, speaking tours and the like until she is debunked or people are just tired of her ranting. And then they will discard her as not being necessary.

And still her son will be dead and his death and memory will go down as one of the worst publicity stunts in modern history.

Two final things. First there are a lot of military families who wish she would go away, and say she does not speak for them.

And second, her parting shot on her diary a few days ago still has me laughing:

George Bush: you work for me. I pay your salary. Come out and talk to me. Anyway, I have a feeling you are about to be fired!!!

Cindy? The election is over, he is now a lame duck who will be gone on his own in a few years, and no one has come close anything impeachable yet. But thanks for playing the useless rhetoric game.

Read more about the people linked with Cindy Sheehan here: