Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sometimes I disgust myself

Ok, this is self reflecting, and non political. Sorry bout that.

In the wake of Hurricane katrina, I am reminded about how shortsighted I really am sometimes.

I am a fairly pragmatic person, and usually don't worry about weather, but recently I have been dwelling on missing the sunshine.

Lets face it, Seattle is not the sunniest 'burb in the world. It rains periodically for no apparent reason. And some of those days I drive the interstates to work, and curse the idiot drivers who cannot handle a bit of water on the road.

And I fondly recall where I grew up, where sunshine was more predominant.

Now, watching New Orleans slowly be buried by flood waters and seeing the death toll rise, it reminds me that a little rain here mixed with overcast and some sunshine, well we are pretty damn lucky. No (well extremely rare) tornados, earthquakes happen but very rarely, no Hurricanes or intense tropical storms. Even the snowfall here is light and occasionally even in the coldest part of winter.

The Pacific Northwest is also a beautiful place to live, and the occasional rain keeps it green normally, and despite popular opinion, all the green here is not moss.

No real point to this, this revelation won't save the world, lives won't be changed and I doubt I will lap out of bed tomorrow a new man. Its just something I need to remember a bit more often.

In the same light, I turend 44 today, and I was feeling a bit middleaged and depressed.

But....I am alive. Not everyone can make that claim can they? I have great friends, a good job and an awesome family.

Really, it isn't so bad, and I should be a little more ready to count my blessings.