Monday, August 29, 2005

She just won't quit

Sigh. Why won’t she shut up? Who you ask? Cindy Sheehan.

Look, the protest has been an incredible event, and media spectacle, but a part of that is a fascination of watching this woman slowly talk herself apart. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion on some video accident show on TV.

She is no stranger to controversial and plain ignorant remarks. She has uttered more then a few.

Among her comments:

  • Continues the meaningless and inaccurate rhetoric of calling Bush a murderer;
  • She has praised her son’s killers as freedom fighters;
  • She accused the soldiers she claims she is fighting for of killing innocent people;
  • She stated she wished that she had not allowed her son a military funeral;
  • She calls her son a war victim not hero, but then refers to herself as the mother of a war hero.
  • She has said her son was killed for lies and for a PNAC Neo-Con agenda to benefit Israel.
  • She also said “My son joined the Army to protect America, not Israel”

Now, she says that her protestors from the Move America Along group who are staging a counter protest in Crawford are Brainwashed.

Oh the Horror!!! Not only is Bush a warmonger, he is also a mind controller.

Its pretty clear what her standard is. Apparently she can say anything she wants and believe anything she wants, but if anyone disagrees, they are wrong, stupid and or they must be brainwashed.

Cindy, honestly, try a new concept called disagreement. You believe something. Someone disagrees. It happens. Why does it have to degrade to insulting someone’s intelligence?

Who decided that only Cindy is right? There are plenty of people here, and over in Iraq, who believe in the cause you protest Cindy. No amount of publicity photos, speeches, sound bytes and TV interviews will change that.

Cindy, face the facts: Your son believed in something you did not, and he gave his life for it. All parents deal with the truth that sometimes our children do not share our values.

Let him go, let him be remembered for the life he chose, not for the excuses you make for him.

Hopefully when Bush’s vacation is over, she will go away, because rather then convincing me to agree with her, she is just using juvenile attacks, meaningless rhetoric and illogical premises about her beliefs, her protest and her detractors, all the while playing the grieving mom to the nth degree and basking in the adulation of her followers, and all it does is make me sick of the games she and her partisan attack dogs play. All this just to get George Bush.

And all the while she dishonors her son’s memory, his service and his sacrifice.

But that’s just my opinion, isn’t it.