Friday, August 12, 2005

A final word (I hope) on Cindy Sheehan and some scattered thoughts

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She remains entrenched on the road to Crawford Texas. The liberal bloggers are flocking to her, and defending her, as I suspected, as the poor grieving mom the President is avoiding. Her family has disavowed her for the most part.

The way some columnists are shielding her behind the grieving mom is very telling. The liberals have long sought an unimpeachable figure head, and now they have her.

I think Mr Bush understands that if he were to meet with her, it would serve no practical purpose. She won't change her mind about the war, and he can't pull the troops on her demand. And frankly, when her main sign says he killed her son, I franly can't see him getting warm fuzzies about it.

Maybe he should send out Laura, do a mom to mom thing. That would disarm the press.


The Air America debacle finally reached the NY Times.....way in the back, in small print, under the panty ad I am sure, certainly not a headline.

If this had been a conservative radio network that diverted money ( I won't say stole ) money from orphans and widows, would it be this silent? I don't think so.

Al Franken would label them the Thieves and thieving liars or something for his next book.



The Gas Tax rhetoric is still in high swing. Without the gas tax, they say people will DIE. At least oldy at does.

Again, its a typical scare tactic that diverts the attention from the real issue, which is a Government that circumvents the will of the people, and businesses that are steeped in self interest.

I was glad to see the 912 campaign finally state they are appealing that bogus ruling. What a crock. THe more I read about it, the more my blood boils. I'll blog on that tonight.

More later.