Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Suffer the little children

The young boy featured to the left (for email users, use this link: ) is a two year old boy in Parkland, Washington.

Late last night, someone, his parent(s) presumably decided he was disposable. The left him on an outside stairwell at a church in Parkland. A janitor heard him crying and found him there, with a cheeseburger and a bottle of water.

Earlier this month, I posted about some recent stories about what I consider idiot parents. This case transcends that. I can't fully explain why, but this makes me furious. And while its likely a good thing for the boy, the near brush with tragedy is hard for me to read about. Thank God this had as good of a resolution as it did.

I'll be nice for a moment, and assume that maybe they did this for his best interests, and not out of selfishness, but at the same time, outside on a stairwell is hardly the safest place is it?

Were there no relatives? Did they attempt to call social services? A good friend? I can't answer any of that.

The boy, now in foster care, is still unidentified, and the news are searching for clues to his identity. They may or may not find them, only time will tell. And personally I am torn on whether I want them found. Getting them help and reuniting the family is attractive, and certainly preferable, but so is keeping this boy from being further at risk at the hands of parents who cannot handle the responsibility.

Children are easily the greatest gift of God to us unworthy people. They are also our gravest responsibility. A good friend and his wife recently were gifted in this way. I hope little Sebastion know's how lucky he is.

I am angry, and I am sad at the same time. I just pray that the rest of this boy's life is full of the love he deserves.

And I will hug my children a little tighter tonight.