Monday, June 13, 2005

Recent Court Rulings part 2

So much for the Michael Jackson free zone.....Ok, so the news is out, he was found not guilty on all charges.

Big shock there huh? Honestly, did anyone expect him to be found guilty of anything more threatening then bad hair? I certainly didn't. While I personally think he is a serial pedophile, the jury has spoken, and in time his faithful fans will forget about this. In fact, I think it if anything, it will increase his popularity with his most devout faithful, for he is now the oppressed martyr, triumphant in his vindication.

Which brings me to a couple thoughts.

First, why are his fans so desperate to defend him and deny the claims? Come on, they found many boxes of graphic pornography in his house, including all male pornography. Claims that he is the misunderstood child are thin next to the mounting evidence of sweet Michael actually being a 46 year old pervert. And let's face it, if he had been a skinny white guy with bad hair from Jersey who had a porno stash and was sleeping with boys it would have been a done deal.

But he evokes a odd feeling of protection and defense from his devout fans, and I think I know why. As I see it there are two reasons:

First he portrays the sensitive child, which evokes those protective feelings. He isn't ready for the world, he lives apart in his eternal child fantasy, and we need to allow him his created reality, because he had his real childhood stripped away.

Poop I say. He is, or was a shrewd businessman, calculating and bold in his moves. His launching solo was done brilliantly, and ever after he has acted less like a child and more like a mogul. Don't get me wrong, he has a facade that is brilliant, but honestly it's as phony as his back pain.

The other reason they so rabidly and hysterically defend the man, is that if he becomes false, if he isn't what he seems and that which they built their lives on is a lie, he then crushes their hopes and proves them to be false worshipers. They literally worship the temple of Jacko, and defend him against those who blaspheme their chosen one. But were he to be shown a gross dirty pervert, their faith would be shattered. They would be shown the fools they are.

No one wants their illusions shattered.

Finally, I had one other thought.

They prosecuted the wrong person. Or rather, they should have prosecuted more people.

Namely, all those parents

First of all, what's with those parents anyway? All things aside, what moronic parent lets their child, sick or healthy, go to a grown man's ranch and spend days there, particularly knowing that their children would be sleeping in his bed with him, also knowing that this man was accused of child molestation 10 years ago? What the hell were they thinking? What makes them think that a pop star is less likely to abuse them then the guy who works at the supermarket, or the cab driver or any other 46 year old single male? Come on people, think! The parents of all those children need to be Sith Slapped. Hard. Repeatedly. All the while having someone yell at them saying "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!....."

And the mother of this latest accuser, who shows all the marks of a talented grifter, she should stand in line with fact, she needs to go to the end of the line and be given a second dose, just in case.

They make me sick. They milked him for the attention, and the bragging rights of their new association with *Michael Jackson*, the King of Pop, and as far as I am concerned they whored their children to do it. Congratulations. I hope your kids survive it. Maybe you can sell the expensive gifts for some therapy

I can hope he learns his lesson, that he closes the gates of "Never Prove It" Ranch to outsiders, and lives his life quietly, ending the freak show now. I fervently do hope this, but I personally think he won't, because:

a) he doesn't think he's doing anything wrong, its "natural and beautiful"


b) because his fans will go out of the way to send their kids there, to prove to him and to the world that their idol, their hero, their twisted holy man is still as pure and sweet as they need him to be, to show their trust and faith in the Idol they built.

So acquitted and still adored, Jacko will once again have them lining up, his fresh victims served up on a platter with a side order of Jesus Juice...