Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Cancer and answered prayers.

This blog is a personal one. Those seeking witty political banter, seek elsewhere.

Cancer. I hate the word and I hate the disease. I lost my step mother to cancer, my mother has cancer as does my brother in law Steve. My father in law survived cancer twice, and my mother law once. Both died recently from other issues.

Why is it cancer is so common in our lives. This disease, this wasting hideous affliction pops up in the healthiest people. It follows no rules, and even with all our medical science accomplishments, we can remove it and stop it, but imperfectly. It still kills.

Which leads me to prayer, the real reason I am here. You see, when Steve found out he had lung cancer, I immediately cast a prayer request to my friends and associates on the web. Its a great feeling of comfort to me to know you all were interceding with God on his behalf.

But aside from some kind of unspecific comfort, I had no idea how it affected him.

Today I found out. For all of you who opened your hearts to a faceless cancer patient in Georgia, this is for you, with our thanks.

From Steve:

".....Back to my main point. I was about to retire from Senior Connections at the end of December with a treasure chest full of ideas about a consulting practice and university faculty assignment that I was about to implement. And then I got the news about the lung cancer…sins I was paying for even though I quit smoking 25 years earlier. My first experience was that I was not in control, not even of my own body. I found that I was second guessing every ache and pain and wondering what it meant. Was it a further sign of cancer?

Then two close friends, who were both cancer survivors, reminded me, through their own struggles, that I had forgotten something really important. I could turn around and face the cancer and not let it destroy me. It might kill me, but it was my decision whether or not I would be a victim to it. So I made a decision to fight it without feeling sorry for myself and without it becoming my daemon. I also decided to do as many of the things that I could regarding my new thrust in life.

I can’t lie and say that I succeeded all the time and there were many occasions when I took comfort from a loving and supportive wife. But as word got out about my condition and I heard from friends and family (This is where you come in!) and felt their support and learned of their prayers, I felt called out.

I was not only fighting cancer, but also doing it for all the persons who prayed for me and wished me well. God sometimes answers prayers of intercession in indirect ways. It was now not only important that I not be a victim, but that I also not become a victim for those who were interceding for me.

It struck me that the world, and, in particular, the people in my world, did not need another example of someone destroyed by anger or remorse because the chips did not fall their way. As a result I have taken great comfort in your support and you have helped more than you realize.

So, regardless of the outcome, I have you and many others to thank for reminding me of what really matters in life…isn’t that the cure and God’s answer to your prayers?"

Thanks again and Love,