Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Cancer and Answered Prayers II

Yesterday I posted a letter from my brother in law Steve, detailing what the prayers for him as he deals with cancer have meant to him, and how he views his struggle.

Today, I'm sending a letter to Steve, sharing the response to his email. I'll hold back names for privacy sake, and just use initials or something. I hope no one minds.

Why do it? Because this is a chance for people to understand a larger issue here. Its a chance to understand the power of hope, prayer and faith. Its an opportunity to see the benefit of something as small as a prayer. And its a chance to consider how God responds.

And its important to let him know that his thanks were heard, and not only heard, they were inspiring.

The one that really illustrates what I wanted to accomplish was from DT:

Thanks for posting this. It helps. I just found out today that the husband of a really dear friend has bone and kidney cancer. Sometimes you wonder why the hell you pray at all. This helps some.

I think that was exactly what I wanted to show...that there is a benefit for all the prayers we offer, even when we don't see it. And as often as not, it isn't in the form we expect.

If his letter reminds people prayers work, Steve by his simple letter alone will have had a much farther reaching impace then he could imagine.

Not everyone will be spared from cancer or illness simply because of prayer, its a sad fact.

Sometimes the answer is no.

But that does not mean their life ceases to have meaning and value. It does not mean they have to die broken and lifeless.

It does not mean that some value cannot spring from it, particularly if it be a family reunited and unified.

Sometimes the small comforts are all we have.