Sunday, March 20, 2005

A night at the theater

Tonight we enjoyed the theater. Specifically my daughter's high school drama troupe.

Tonights play was Kiss me Kate, a Cole Porter Classic.

I had never seen it before, and was delighted with the fun of the story. But what blew me away was the talent of some of these High School kids. The leads who played Fred, Lois and Lilli were incredible singers, Sarah Hughes (Lilli) especially. This girl had a tremendous voice, and is graduating this year to pursue music at BYU.

While Kayla had a small part in the Chorus, she was still terribly proud to be in her third play, and devoted as much effort as I have ever seen her give to anything. She sang, danced and swept with her whole heart in the part.

I was proud of her for the amount of work she put forth, every day for weeks after school. I was also proud of her for her complete understanding of what being a part of a team entails, giving your all to make the whle performance better.

And I was mostly proud of her as I watched her afterwards, striking the set and having fun with her peers. A somewhat shy 8th grader last year, she has become a bold and self assured High School Freshman, in part I think to her growing love of the theater, and art in general. She plays violin, she sings, she draws, she writes and even does some astonishing computer graphics.

As she grows older we see so many changes in her. But her love of the fine arts remains solid, and I pray it continues.

And mostly, we sat and enjoyed a night at the theater. Seems Kayla isnt the only one who loves the arts.....