Wednesday, January 05, 2005

More on Stingy....kinda

This is an odd one. A friend passed on this post to me, basically turning the question around backwards. Rather then decry us for not aiding enough, it suggests we are aiding too much.

Basically, the question they raise is "Is It Moral To Aid Monsters?"

The post starts by reminding us that:

In the wake of the recent tsunami, America and Israel, among others, are giving aid to people and countries who advocate and practice (with impunity) genocide, rape, slavery, torture and more."

It details a list of human rights abuses by these countries, and also mentions that aid workers may be asked to dress Muslim while perform aid work. It further mentions that Sri Lanka refused aid from Israel unless no Jews came.

I don't know if its true, but it begs the question "should we do what's right to aid people who are ideologically opposed to us".

In my opinion, regardless of their views and moral's, the question remains that a tragedy has befallen them, and they deserve our help. Regardless of politics and religion, its likely that few of the people swept away and killed committed these crimes, and its unlikely that the orphaned families remaining did either.

Regardless of whether it is accepted, the offer aid should be made, because its the right thing to do.

Regardless of all else, we should do everything we can to aid them.

They can hate us tomorrow if they choose.

I say, let tomorrow take care of itself.

Thanks Chrissy for passing this on.