Friday, December 17, 2004

Will the owner of Ballot 81 please stand up

So the election madness in Washington continues.

Today it was reported that the Canvassing board for King County was reviewing a bunch of ballots as a part of the hand recount for the Governor's race.

One of the ballots, #81, was a write in candiate for Christine Rossi. For those not local, the election at contest is the Governor's office, between Christine Gregoire (d) and Dino Rossi (r).

Apparantly one of two things happened: Either the voter was expressing his indecision by merging the names, or someone in the state named Christine Rossi just got a vote (and there are several people names that in the Puget sound area).

Happily, our canvassing board, two Democrats and one Republican, decided they needed to determine the Voter intent and after careful deliberation, they award the ballot to Christine Gregoire.

I am sure, completely confident that the fact that Gregoire is trailing in the election, and that the canvassing board has a majority of Democrats on it is pure coincidence.

Christine and the Democrats of Washington State have learned their lesson straight from the pages of Al Gore's "win at all costs" manual: Keep counting till you get the result you want.

We need to find Christine Rossi and let her know she was just disenfranchised.