Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Election madness

I was all prepared for the Federal election to go to crap, with the lawyers posed to apply recount after recount.

Instead there was a fairly clear mandate, and though a few challanges remain in isolated areas, for the most part, Bush Won Cleanly.

Instead, Washington has surfaced as the Florida of 2004 with its Governors race.
Christine Gregiore (D) and Dino Rossi (R) slugged it out for months in the media, making the presidential election look near tame.

When the dust settled, Rossi won by a slim 261 vote margin, out of over 3 million cast. State law mandates a recount in close elections.

This is where the fun began.

First, one county had 900 ballets sent in absentee, but not signed. They are by law rejected. So the democrats got the addresses of these poor negligent voters, and went door to door, and had the people sign affidavits declaring they cast them, and demanded they be inclusded. The news report insinuated they only targeted democrats, but i dont know for sure.

They election board included them. Also another 1500 ballots magically appeared in a another county. Amazing.

Final statewide recount: Rossi wins, by 41.

State law mandates a hand recount of the parties pay for it. The democrats raised the necessary $700k and it has begun. We may have it done by Christmas. Or not, since state law also mandates that if the hand count reverses the decisions, a state funded hand count has to be done to validate it. So make that sometime in mid January.

What burns me, is two things: The democrats have taken a page from Al Gore's book of strategy, "keep counting till you like the answer". The other irritant, is the republicans claiming they would be satisified with the results, and that Gregoire should concede gracefully like they would. Bullshit.

They can say it all they want, but the realityis they want to win as bad as the Dems.

The two party system we seem to be stuck with, the us vs them philospohy and the win at all costs attitude of the modern politicans has left us with a void of leadership, where charisma replaces ability, where Judges and lawyers determinethe results rather then the will of the people, and where political parties are the litmus test, rather then charactor or issue.

All I can say, is that if they spent as much effort doing their jobs as they do getting elected to them, then the world might actual be a better place.