Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Darwinism in the election process

Ok, call me a Scrooge, but it seems to me that if you cannot follow simple directions, the same directions our children follow in tests at school, then maybe you are too dumb to vote.

Take where I voted, King County, Washington.

It was a simple ballot, just find the person you want to vote for and fill in the circle next to their name. Easy as pie, right? In the case of the Governors election, it clearly said to vote for one person. Just one. One. One.....

And they even have people there at the polling place, to answer your questions.

So while watching the local video footage of the hand recount, you would not believe how many ballots were rejected for being an "over vote", or having too many people selected. They would vote for both candidates, or vote for one and write someone elses name in the write in spot....I was also amazed how many people think a "x" makes the circle completely filled in.

No offense, but this is pure ignorance.

As the recount goes to court (again), I wonder why the Government has to try so hard to allow people's votes to count when they clearly didn't follow simple instructions that a 10 year old can easily understand? What happened to a sense of responsibility for the privilege of voting?

And make no mistake, voting is not a right, it is a privilege.

So why is it the Governments responsibility to protect your ballot from your own mistakes?

Darwin's theory of natural selection suggests that the strongest survive and this strengthens the species.

Wonder if it works for the smartest?

One final quote:

Nature encourages no looseness, pardons no errors
- Ralph Waldo Emerson