Monday, November 01, 2004

Surgery update

Nancy was operated on this afternoon for a total hip replacement on her right side.
This is the culmination of several years of increasing pain.

The root cause of this is unknown, but the doctor said for some reason the upper end of her femur lost its blood supply, and the bone began a slow process of degradation.

This caused loss of cartilage and when they operated, the ball end of the femur was horribly misshapen and degraded.

Her prosthesis is a titanium implant to the bone with a chromium ball joint, and cup.

Prospects for the replacement being permanent and lasting her lifetime are very good. The amazing part is that she will only have a 3 inch scar from the procedure.

Nancy came thru fine, and when I left a few hours ago was resting comfortably. Her only side effect being some post op nausea.

She should be home on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.

I appreciate all the prayers for her leading up to this day.