Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Some really sick tactics

The campaign turns uglier and uglier.

Look at this:
A Colorado Springs woman recently received a call from someone claiming to
be from Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign who expressed condolences
about the death of her husband in Iraq. When the woman said she knew her
husband was still alive, the caller said a vote for Kerry would help keep
him that way.

The Kerry Camp Responds:
The Kerry campaign said the stunt was so outrageous that it could only
have been staged by someone trying to discredit the Democrat.
"Some of the
tactics being perpetrated by folks as we get closer to the election are just
disgusting," said Steve Haro, Kerry's spokesman in Colorado

So yes, its obvious that this could just as easily be a setup, IE a Bush supporter making the call to discredit Kerry as opposed to a very stupid Kerry Staffer, but at the same time i have heard from people some rhetoric just as assinine

Tell me again what the point of this is? As the list of underhanded tactics grows longer, I have to wonder what is the point? Why are both sides so eager to win? The reality of the situation is that the two major parties (hence known as the RepubliCrats) are relatively hard to tell apart.

They use the same tactics as often as not, tho each side has their favorites. They espouse the same philosophy, win at all cost, and neither side offers any fresh ideas to lead our nation.

So whats they point? Is this just a power trip? Is governmental power really worth cost in deceit, dishonesty and deception?

Its sick, its disgusting and its only going to get worse.

The democrats are lining up their lawyers, (thousands in florida alone) and their strategy guide instructs them to claim cheating and fraud regardless of any evidence in any close race.

I have no reason to believe the rebulicans are not coordinating a proportionate response.

So sit back, and wait for the lawsuits....maybe we will know who is president by christmas.