Friday, May 23, 2003

Well my weight is my rant for the evening.
Once upon a time I was a sknny guy. When I went military in 1982 I weighed 166. When I left basic training 6 weeks later I weighed 180.

From 1983 till 1991 I ranged from 149 (illness) up to about 191.

When I remarried in 1991 I was in 170's and by the time I left the military in 1995 I weighed 221. I wish it was muscle. It aint.

Well here it is in 2003 and I wiegh 255. WTF.....And with all the stress lately, I seem to want to compulsively eat. And drink. I have been drinking way too much. Going to grave shift may help, no more evening drinking, and im too tired when I get home in the morning to crack a bottle. Hope so.

So I need to diet. I'm tired of being fat. And frankly its my own fault, my will power is lousy.

I don't want 6 abs....6 packs gave me the abs I have now. I just want to be able to bend over and see my toes.

Another issue lately is my ankle. I sprained it severely in 1997 and it continues to give me problems. It is an inconsistent aching with occasional sharp pains. Its making it hard to get on an excercise program.

Oh well.....gotta try harder....