Saturday, May 17, 2003

So here I am at 4am. That right there is a bad sign.....I should be sleeping, I want to be sleeping, and I need to be sleeping.

I am actually working a 4 hour cover shift, created by the involuntary departure of a coworker. What better way to maintain awakeness then to blog?

So there I was at home. I got off work at 4:30, and finally found my way home at around 530 or 6. Talked to C for a while. Made the Children dinner and ate a large salad, then went to bed to catch a few hours sleep....totally fruitlessly of course. Could not fall asleep. So i took a hot bath and dozed in the tub a bit. N came home with a friend and they watched tv while I went to bed. Then C came home and all hell broke loose. She and N were arguing constantly. Grrr.....

Finally went to sleep at 130 or so, just in to to get up at 3. What fun